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Cubefield is another perfect example that we can get addictive to simple games. The gameplay os this game is very simple and straightforward. It offers skills-based gameplay in which we need to control a runner. There are different colored cubes scattered all around the way. The task is simple, just use the arrow keys and keep yourself safe from all the cubes which come along in the filed. Here, you can even pay cubefield unblocked because this website is mostly unblocked in the schools.

Gameplay Of CubeField

Let’s talk about the gameplay of this game. It basically enhances your experience and increases your talent in the running games and controlling the characters. Just like all other running games, the character of speed gets increased and it becomes hard to pass all the cubes in the way.¬† Another challenging task is the find the best and open way to pass the cubes. Multiple optional ways are available for gamers to pass but some of them lead to very close bypass which is very hard to control.


Let’s talk about the game walk through. I’ve played it for hours and because of my easy hands-on game, I was able to go through the different levels and the speed of cube increased with time. A short label notification is also displayed on the screen when speeding up.

The cubes on the map are mostly scattered but at some point, they are structured in a shape, creating beautiful tracks and it becomes very interesting for us to bypass those tracks. The game isn’t 3D but still gives the gamer a better experience in many terms.cubefield unblocked

Leveling up doesn’t just mean that speed on cube gets increased, but it also changes the color of cubes. It almost looks like the galaxy full of stars because the color of cubes gets changed from colorful to shiny green. It looks sci-fi and interest in game also gets increased. That’s why most people love to play cubefield unblocked game at school or workplace.

Tips Of CubeField Unblocked

Most gamers love to look at the tips and tricks that a game offers to the gamer. So, here we’ll be talking about the cubefield trick which will be useful to most of the gamers. These tricks are just simple one and will be useful for the new gamers to get started with the game.

  • Press P to pause the game.
  • Cubes are loaded in real-time, keep your eyes on the tract.
  • If Speeding Up is displayed on the screen, that means your map coloring is also going to change.
  • Some tracks are cleverly designes, there’s no way to speed down, be a quick action taker in such tracks.

These are some of the tips and tricks which you might find useful while playing CubeField. I’ve enjoyed this game for hours and my classmates as well. It’s really interesting game and offers a good enough joyable time.

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