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Let’s enjoy Happy Wheels Unblocked together for free. This game is amazing and addictive as well. There are thousands of people playing this game every single day. Join all other happy wheels gamers from all around the world.

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4. Tips and Tricks To Control Vehicle

What Is Happy Wheels Game?

The very first version of this game was launched back in 2010. Fancy Force is the developer and publisher of the game and the Android version was launched later back in 2015. Since the launch of the game, it has attracted millions of gamers from all around the world.

Most of the gamers want to play happy wheels unblocked at school. The reason is simple, they are bored at school and want to relax playing this game. I’ve also enjoyed it for hours on the web browser and mobile device as well.

It’s pretty much full of adventure and challenges as well. There are a bunch of characters and maps available to the users. The maps are indeed full of obstacles and moving objects which might touch the character and mission will fail. So, you probably need to use your full mind and efforts to complete the missions.

Keys To Survive In Happy Wheels

  • Don’t panic, play it nicely and steadily.
  • No need over accelerate or move too slowly.
  • Keep your eyes on obstacles.
  • Vehicle steady movement is the key to complete the mission.

Gameplay Of Happy Wheels Unblocked Full Version Game

If we talk about the gameplay, it’s amazing and awesome. The version of the game which you’re playing right now on this game is cool and full of amazing scenery and objects. When we load it for the first time, we’re asked the map which we want to play. All the maps are designed very well and filled with all the physics laws which make the gameplay very challenging.

Around 4 character choices are available. I liked the default one, this one sits on a chair. But you can choose from many selections available. Such selections include a man on wheely, kid and his father sitting on a cycle. All these are graphically finished with nice details and looks amazing.


happy wheels unblocked

Talking about the controls, you might feel kind of confused while playing it for the first time. But, what I’ve discovered that all the controls work like the way they should. I’ve played many other unblocked games whose controllers aren’t that much amazing and responsive. But, in happy wheels demo unblocked, you’ll get nice and steady controls.

The space key is used for Boosting the vehicle you’re using, Right, Left, Up Down to control the vehicle acceleration and X key to adjust the rider.

Just enjoy Happy Wheels Full Game Unblocked here and begin the fun. Just like all other gamers, you’ll also get addictive to it.

Keyboard Keys To Use:

  • Left arrow to put balance backward.
  • Right arrow to put weight in forwarding direction.
  • Up key to jump/balancing upwards.
  • Down key to put balance downwards.

Happy Wheels Unblocked Games Full Version Levels

Let’s talk a little bit about the Levels of Happy WHeels game. It’ll help you better understand the gameplay and play this game nicely.

Happy Green Hills

I love the level because of its graphics and level design. It’s really hard to bypass all the obstacles and reach the end point alive. According to its author, this level is designed by hand and hence better gameplay is guaranteed. Enjoy happy wheels unblocked at school for free now.

Gut Bus Extreme

This level is one of my favorite ones because it’s kind of hard to complete. It can be played with all the characters and player have to get inside the bus. Different obstacles are waiting for the character but if played smartly, you’ll surely complete the level. Physics is perfectly designed and the graphics are also amazing ones.


BMX is for speed lovers, watch your head and wheels! Higher speeds are important in order to complete this level otherwise you’ll be stuck somewhere on the track. Landmines are waiting for you and wheeling over them will result in the bomb blast. Differently sized grinders are ready to grind your character into pieces. Play safe and enjoy happy wheels unblocked at school.

Obstacle Course

In obstacle course, all you need to do is find the things which might hurt your character. There are a lot of such things in the map but according to its author, the level isn’t that much hard and one should definitely try this out.

Snowy Mountain Final

In snowy mountain fall, all you need to do is just grab the cable till you reach the end point. Press Z to grab the cable and protect yourself from different obstacles in the way. Enjoy unblocked games happy wheels for free at school.

Dawn Of The Dead Lv. 1

People are turning into zombies because a doctor with whom you’ve worked in the lab has gone mad and he added some chemicals into the drinking water. Only you can save all the people from dying by adding the antidote into the water and healing the people who are affected by the virus. Save all the people first and then take revenge from the doctor who’s gone mad. Otherwise, he might hurt all the people again and again.

Play Happy Wheels Unblocked

Enjoy Happy Wheels game for free here. On the top os this page, game is added and even full screen mode is supported. Let’s jump into a little guide which I would like to share with all you gamers. I’m playing it for hours in my free time and completed almost all the levels. Now, it’s your turn to beat all the levels in one go.

The very first suggestion is to gain mastery over the controls. One small mistake will result in failing the mission. Most gamers have faced a situation where they are very close to the completion of the mission but due to over-excitement, they lose controls and fails. The same thing goes for happy wheels.

As it’s physics-based game, all the control works like the way they should. A small wrong hit will move character frequently, losing the balance and sometimes hitting the obstacle.

All the obstacles are designed to finish you up. Happy Green Hills map contains caves, dark caves with rocks and many other objects which creates a huge level of difficulty. If you want to complete missions, make sure you’re focused on the map.

Talking about the Gut Bus Extreme map,  it’ll surely make you sweat. I spent many minutes just to figure out the way to get out of small tiny space where you’re landed for the first time. Heavy objects are moving all around the map, creating a high level of disturbance and danger. Use your clever mind to overcome all those challenges.

Tips To Control Vehicle Nicely

Most players are making mistakes while controlling the most main object, which is vehicle itself. According to my experience, it’s much important to gain full control over the vehicle and all the necessary tactics which helps you to complete the mission.

When you’re on a plane surface, make sure you don’t accelerate way too much or too slow. Slowly accelerating will result in less speed and most of the times, there’s mountain or road heading upwards.

When you’re climbing upwards, keep pressing the Right arrow, around 2 times every 3-4 seconds so that vehicle’s balance will stay stable. If there’s a slope, too much speed isn’t good and keep pressing the Left arrow in order to make stability to the vehicle.

If there’s narrow space to move forward, try adjusting your character. X and Z key is really useful in this case. It’s up to the cleverness a man is putting into the game while playing it.

What If Happy Wheels Unblocked Isn’t Working?

Players who are facing problem while loading the game available on this page(top of the page) will surely leave and visit another website. But, wait, there’s no problem and the game is working fine The problem is at your end and it can be fixed with ease.

The simple reason behind the game not loading is Flash player isn’t enabled. All the games which work within the browser need Flash player and it should be enabled on the site where you’re playing it. If you don’t have installed it in your system, get it from here. Clicking on the box given above will ask you the permissions to enable Flash on this website. Just allow it and enjoy happy wheels full game unblocked here for free.